Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a week!!!

Whew it has been a busy week for us here in the Tolliver household - hence the reason for not many posts!! We had a few doctor's appointments this week and some other things to do so we have been on the run almost all week!! I think everyone is a little worn out. Mommy is ready for an afternoon at home and since it is snowing like crazy outside that is probably exactly what we will do.

This morning we had our annual breakfast with Santa and baby Jesus breakfast at church and guess who was baby Jesus - or should I say babies Jesus??
When we went to the doctor this week we were told we can start them on baby food so here we were at home on our first time being in our high chairs!!
We also got out some new toys this week and one of them had balls in it - it is so funny watching them because they will swat at the ball and it will roll away and then they chase it and the same thing happens again - it kind of reminds you of a cat chasing a ball but it is quite cute!!
As I am sure you have observed from the pictures I have posted on this and in the past our living room has been transformed into baby central - as i mentioned earlier we got some new toys out this week but here is what Baylee really wanted to play with...the box!!!

Becky found some antlers for the boys to wear...aren't they too cute!!

Rylee was not willing to give up his hand in order to take the picture!!!

ok time to end this post - the boys are mad at me for taking away the new toys they had discovered!!!!!!!

If you can't tell by the picture or don't know what they are it is the controllers to our Wii!! Mind you these were up on the TV cabinet and i thought out of reach but i think the cord must have been hanging out just enough that they were able to grab it!!

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