Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What can Brown do for you??

Yesterday Rylee woke up first so I grabbed a diaper and an outfit and headed down to our room to change him so that i didn't wake up Baylee - the outfit was a pair of brown pants and a sports themed onesie. When I started to put it on him there was no way I was going to let him wear it all day because it was stretched way too much in order to get the buttons to snap (it was a 6 - 9 month shirt) - as I have said these kids are growing like crazy. So I went back down the hall and opened the drawer and just picked up the first 9 month shirt I could find (as you can probably imagine if you know me very well i do have them organized by size) I didn't even give any thought to the color of pants that I had when what I grabbed was a brown shirt with blue letters. So needless to say my son went around all day yesterday looking like a UPS man. I decided since it was supposed to be the busiest shipping day we would wear it in honor of all of the people working out there :-)

The boys were baptized on Sunday and they did really well!! They didn't cry or fuss or anything when Dan poured the water over their head. They did both reach for his glasses and microphone but we kind of expected that.

They received a few gifts for their baptism so we thought we would let them open them to see how they would do for their upcoming birthday and for Christmas - needless to say I think we will be doing most of the unwrapping for those events or we may still be celebrating next year at this time. The bags were a hit to look at and bang on but they really didn't get the concept of pulling the things out of the bag and the tissue paper was just fun to chew on and bows were fun to look at.

After a much needed nap after the busy morning they went back to doing their normal activity....

And hanging out with daddy...

Seriously this is the main view I get of my children right now if I am in the living room....

Well they are starting to wake up from their nap so I better go - let's see what do the Fed Ex folks wear - maybe I can strive for that look today???? No big plans for today but tonight we have practice for the Christmas eve service at church - Terry is Joseph, I am Mary, and one of the boys will be baby Jesus - don't worry we have two services so we will hopefully be able to rotate so they both get to play the role. Have a great day!!

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Kathy Collins said...

Those baby boys were precious at their baptism - they did such a good job. I hope they enjoyed their stuffed animals as much as they enjoyed the bags and tissue paper. Kacey wanted to get stuffed monkeys since they seemed to enjoy playing with hers but I had already purchased the puppy and lamb. I was thinking this might be the only puppy they get :)
Give the boys lots of hugs and kisses for me.
Love Aunt Kathy