Sunday, November 30, 2008

The holidays are here!!!

Well I am sure everyone was busy this weekend with the holiday, black Friday, etc. We had a really nice Thanksgiving - again can't help but reflect on all we have to be thankful for. My mom and I have a yearly tradition to go out on black Friday and so daddy stayed home with the boys and my mom and i went out for a couple hours on Friday. Here are some shots from thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's.

Throughout this weekend we have decorated for Christmas - I find myself putting a lot less out this year because of the boys - there is a lot of things that I used to put in places that they could now get to it. Here are some pictures of the boys helping to put up their Christmas decorations.

This has kind of been a hard weekend for mommy because the boys are getting so big!!! We had to go through their drawers and get rid of their smaller clothes and they have moved up to size 3 diapers!! I am so glad they are doing well and gaining weight and getting bigger but at the same time I want to keep them little babies for a little while longer - so many people have told us how fast they felt their kids grew up and I am seeing time slip right before my eyes!! here is a picture of my big boy Rylee sitting up so well all by himself!! He can now get in this position and maintain this position all by himself.

I tried to take some pictures of the boys this weekend to try to get a good Christmas card picture - I don't know that any of these are the winner but there are some cute ones - for those that haven't seen some of Baylee's crazy faces here is a sample....

Now that we have the tree up I am hoping to do some in front of the tree and see how those turn out....Daddy took this one of me and the boys after we were done with the ornaments tonight...
We went to my parents church today and then went over to their house afterwards - it was a typical lazy Sunday after church....

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Every time I think about or say Thanksgiving lately I just get all weepy. Obviously having my boys home is a big reason for that but when I think about all we have to be thankful for this year I just get a little overwhelmed!! Even when thinking about the boys and the fact that they are finally here we have so many other things to be thankful for surrounding that - family and friends that were SO supportive of us through the entire journey, the many many many people we had praying for us throughout this journey - many people we didn't even know, how much closer this experience brought Terry and I together as a couple, how much this experience brought us closer to God, that we were even able to have this journey and be blessed with these two beautiful boys, all the smiles and joy they have already brought to our lives in such a short period of time, i could go on an on. We also have so many other things to be thankful for this year - we both have good health, we both have good, stable jobs - in this economy that is especially huge, we have a great family who is so supporting and loving in all that we do, we have great friends - many who seem more like family, we have a strong financial situation (which got us in a national magazine and on national television this year), we have shelter over our heads, clothes on our back, food in our belly, we have a great church family, we have so many things that we probably take for granted everyday that i am not even thinking about. Praise God for the way in which He has blessed our lives in so many ways this year. Again as I think on all that we have to be thankful for I just get overwhelmed.

Ok I am sure that is not the posting you were expecting and you were probably just coming for an update on the kiddos but I felt I wanted to get that out. The boys are doing great but don't have many pictures from yesterday - first steps was here for about 3 hours and so we didn't take pictures during that time and in the morning when I started to take pictures my camera died so we had several hours with no camera while the battery charged. Sorry, but here a few...

Thanks so Amy and Kate feeling bad for the boys fighting over the mirror here is a shot of the boys where they each have a mirror....

Rylee was quite concerned yesterday with his playmat because the animals on it would not come off - he kept trying but they just wouldn't come off!!!

Here is one of both boys playing in their toys, pausing for a moment to smile at mommy....

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! We are heading to grandma and grandpa's today so I am sure I will have some pictures tomorrow from that. Have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing up too fast!!!!!

Oh my goodness - last night my mother in law called to ask what size clothes to get the boys and it was with a little sadness in my voice that I had to tell her 9 to 12 months!! They came home and were still able to wear 3 month clothes and then starting this week some of their 6 month clothes have looked more like they are wearing capris!! I am really glad they are gaining weight and getting bigger but earlier today when i looked over at Baylee playing on the floor he looked so big and not so much like a baby!!!!

It seems like they are able to do more and more each day and they are already growing up so fast. I can't get over how much they have changed in the 5 weeks we have had them!! Baylee was trying to sit up again today but can't quite get it but I am sure it won't be too long. They are being evaluated tomorrow by first steps but I don't think they will probably have to have any services because i think they are doing really well and are developing well.

Here is a picture to prove just how much Rylee loves his Jumperoo - he will even play underneath it if we don't have him in it!!

We had some fun time with grandma and grandpa last night - here are a few shots from last night....

Another reason I say it is with sadness that my boys are growing up so fast is that I think mommy and daddy are in big trouble when these boys really get moving - i left the room for about five minutes and they were both playing with things before I left - I come back to the room and somehow they turned on the tv and also got a bag down that was on the tv cabinet - i think it is time to get a new tv cabinet - with doors!!

Here is a cute video of Baylee - he heard Rylee playing with something and so he headed over there - it was like midway through the crawl he paused for a moment because he knew he should not steal whatever his brother was playing with - and I must say I was quite proud because by the time he got over there something else caught his eye and he left his brother alone.

Here is a picture with a gift that some of the gals from work got me - it is a picture book but it is "chewable" and the boys found it yesterday and were rather fond of it. We have two of them and this one that Baylee is playing with has the pictures of the boys that we had received of them before we were able to travel. Great gift choice Kari!!

Well Rylee is up from his nap so i better post and go get him.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few days behind

ok I am going to start by saying this may be a really short post as i have Baylee boy on my lap and I am not sure how cooperative he is going to be....i am a few days behind in my posting - after I had said I try to post daily!! sorry but yesterday was a really busy day and there was just not a chance to post. We had church and then a thanksgiving to go to and then we went to the mall last night!! Lots going on and very little pictures - i was quite the slacker at thanksgiving and didn't even get my camera out - oops!! I was planning on going out today but it has been so dreary and rainy here that we decided, once again, to stay inside!! I am well aware that most people come just for the pictures so here are some from the last few days...

Here is more fun with their teething rings - you would think for as much as they are chewing and as much drool is coming from them they would have some teeth popping through but I felt again today and there was nothing.....
While he can't quite get in the sitting position like his brother, Baylee has started doing this "lounging" position...
The first time I tried to take this shot he started to move and he looks more like a dog peeing...

I am sure my children are going to come to hate me one day when they see some of the pictures of them that i have posted but here is another shot of Rylee sleeping - this is another favorite pose of his. I always feel bad when he is in this pose because it looks as though he is ashamed or is in trouble but I assure you he took this nap on his own and got in this position on his own.

Ok I ended up having to put Baylee down because he was trying to eat the computer and guess what he went right for - the paper - hopefully daddy had already read this edition of the IBJ.

Ok gotta go - Rylee just woke up from his nap - we gotta get ready because grandma and grandpa are coming over tonight.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here we are!!!

Well hopefully everyone made it to our new website, but I guess if you are reading this then that means that you found it - duh mommy!!!
Are these not the most handsome boys you have ever seen in your whole life?? Of course mommy is a little bias but you have to admit they are pretty darn cute - they weren't real sure what to think of their outfits...

The boys are both moving like crazy now and have both made it over to the sliding glass door - they really like looking outside and apparently Rylee was ready to go outside yesterday - i tried to tell him it was too cold out but he just kept looking and baning on the door....

We did make it out for a little bit yesterday to go to bible study - brrrrr it was chilly out - mommy is ready to pack up our bags and move to Hawaii!!! Here is a shot of Baylee with Kate - she is quite fond of the boys - they are coming over tonight while the big boys play in a Wii tournament at church.

Here are some other random pictures for the last couple days -

Here is a picture of Baylee with the teddy bear that the adoption agency sent us - it may at first glance appear to be a sweet picture of a boy playing with his bear - what you can't see - but can probably tell if you really think about it - is that he has just discovered the tag on the bear's butt!! It is all about the tags!!!

Rylee discovered his shadow yesterday when the sun was coming it - it was quite funny to watch him react to it.

He still wasn't sure about his shadow - or the bear - when I tried to see if he would play with his bear.

And finally here is just a cute shot of Baylee - since Rylee got the cute shot of the day yesterday - didn't want it to appear i had favorites!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

We've moved!!!

I decided that it was time to change the name of the blog for a couple of reasons - number one being that we are now HOME so it is not about bringing the boys home since they are now here - we are all so thankful for that. Another reason is since Rylee was an additional blessing and was not included in the blog address to begin with I thought that we better give him part of the title as well. I will continue to try to update everyday on the goings on of my boys for your reading enjoyment and for your picture fix!!!