Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy weekend = lots of pictures!!!!

We have tons of toys to play with and yet the boys were playing with chip clips..

They also decided the paper didn't need to be recycled, it should be shredded first...

The last time Terry's grandma was in Vietnam she bought them these outfits - they are still too big on them but they look pretty cute if you ask me!!!

Friday we went to the Children's museum and had lots of fun with Nick!! 

At snacktime we decided Elmo was probably thirsty too!!!

Time for SWIMMING!!!!

They both LOVED jumping in the pool!!!!!

Every week we have to visit the elephant that is right down the hall from the locker room...

Daddy and Rylee walking through the parking lot....

The boys in the car dancing to Miley's "Party in the USA"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mommy's back in town!!

As I figured daddy took no pictures while I was gone but of course I have taken some since I have been back home.  I missed my boys so much!!! 

This is what I would call brotherly love - being willing to share your french fries!!!

Love snack time!!!

Going to visit Grandma & Papaw!!

Visiting will wear you out!!!!

We got to play outside tonight - mommy still can't figure out how to put this slide on correctly but at least they could play on it!! 

Exploring in the backyard!

Much to my dismay Baylee figured out that he could climb up the "big slide" all by himself!!!

My magnolia tree is starting to bloom!!!  Spring is coming!!!! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More outside fun!!

We are loving this warmer weather!!!  Here are some fun pictures from this week....

We went for a walk and the boys decided they didn't want to ride in the wagon they wanted to push it!!


On second thought it is much more fun to run than to push!! 

Time for swinging with daddy!! 

This will teach daddy to leave candy on his desk and walk away....

Mommy is headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a conference so my guess is there won't be a lot of pictures taken this weekend!!