Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch up time...

OK I am back up and functional on my computer so time to update the blog.  The boys "helped" me get ready to put up the Christmas tree. 

Baylee moved the train table!! 

Then they "helped" me clean up the other toys from the play room - but they kept playing with them and getting them out of the piles I had put them in!! 

So I got out the Christmas train & they were SUPER excited about that!!!!

Then when I told them it was time to put the tracks AROUND the tree they decided to put them ON the tree!! 


The tree has already been re-decorated several times because they like to get the ornaments off the tree too!!  And they are resourceful about it - if they can reach they find something (in this case a small tote) to help them reach the higher level! 

I think poor Rylee is confused as to what holiday it is though - here he is putting out easter eggs from a halloween basket!! 

The boys have watched spiderman a couple of times and now they think they are spiderman!! 

 Fun with Balloons!!! 

Combining their two favorite things right now - Lightning is going for a ride on the trains!! 

Lining up the cars ready for a race!! 


Thanksgiving dinner was yummy - Rylee thought everying was a fingerfood - even cottage cheese, applesauce, and mashed potatoes!!!

Of course I can't take a picture of one without the other!!  Baylee did a good job using his fork and spoon so he didn't have any thing on him! 

The boys have not quite mastered the potty thing (they can do it they just don't want to most of the time!!!) - but at least they are being resourceful with the cars potty we bought to get a snack out of reach!! 

Baylee (I mean Woody) enjoying his new jammies!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Computer issues

Sorry folks - having some computer issues so that is why I have not been able to update the blog - hopefully can get that resolved in the next couple days :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011