Thursday, December 18, 2008

TOO much WAY TOO fast!!!

It has been quite a week here at the Tolliver household and mommy is just getting more and more surprised at these boys everyday. It has been a big week for Rylee especially here is his list of accomplishments for the week:

Learned to clap

Learned to click his tongue - that is the best way I can describe it

Learned to climb the stoop
Started pulling up on anything that he can and walking along side of it while holding on
Has a tooth coming in on top - I tried to get a picture of this but he was having none of that!!!

Baylee has been doing the clapping, tongue thing, and climbing for a couple of weeks now but this week Rylee started doing all of them too. We ended up having to lower the mattress on both of their beds because they are both starting to pull up in bed and we didn't want to create an opportunity for them to fall out. When they came home, just seven weeks ago tomorrow, all they could do was scoot and army crawl and now they are on the verge of walking - it is hard to believe all they have already accomplished in such a short period of time. I am so thankful that I have been able to be home to experience it. Only 3 weeks left - I am already dreading the thought of going back!!!! I am going to miss them so much during the day!!!

On another note - I have often read the warning labels on things and thought why did they have to put that on there - like don't use your hair dryer in the bathtub - the other day i read on my refrigerator manual not to store live animals in your refrigerator when moving but yesterday i realized why they put some of the warnings on things when i turned around and found this...

All of the excitement of the week has worn Rylee out apparently - yesterday I went upstairs to put Baylee down for a nap and came back down and found this...guess he was ready for a nap too!

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