Friday, December 19, 2008

Another big day

Well yesterday was another day of first. I needed to go out and get some groceries - in the past when we go out one of us would take the stroller with the boys and the other would take the cart - well i was going to be by myself so i was thinking what am i going to do - there is no way i can push a cart and a stroller so i gave in and let the boys ride in the cart. As you can see from the first picture Baylee was not too sure that he was liking it so he held on to his brother - i thought that was just adorable. They still don't look real thrilled when i took their picture once we got into the store but they got more used to it and happier as the trip went out. Of course you will also notice that i do have a cart cover - come on people would you expect any less from me - do you know how germy those carts are!?!?!?!?!They also found a new favorite thing to do instead of climbing the stoop - needless to say this picture was taken before i put on the fireplace guards and they have since been put into place.
Terry is having eye surgery today so we are heading there in a little while - not sure how well the boys are going to enjoy the wait. They used to be fine sitting in the stroller for a while but now that they are more on the move i am interested to see how it goes. Have a great day!!

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Kuebler Family said...

I need to squeeze those little faces!!!