Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Birthday photos

Overall the boys had a good 1st birthday yesterday - we had a few visitors and they got some really fun toys that they are enjoying. Here are some shots from the day.

I couldn't resist getting them "My 1st Birthday" shirts so here are shots of both of the boys in their shirts...

Kate came over to play with them for a while and after they went down for a nap she helped me decorate their cupcakes - Thanks so much for your help!!! Following are pictures of the boys enjoying their cupcakes!!!
Baylee just grabbed the whole cupcake and munched off of it.
Rylee was showing us that he knew he was 1 today!! It was really funny because he just did this on his own with no "coaching" from mom and dad to do it for the picture.

He also discovered that if he moved his cupcake to this position he could just lean down and eat off of it and wouldn't have to hold it - we told him he was being lazy :-)

We are all very excited for tomorrow as well with family and celebrating our first Christmas together. Hope everyone has a great Christmas eve!!!

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