Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday ramblings....

It has been a bit of a whiny day here at the Tolliver household - Rylee had a tooth cut through yesterday and Baylee is either close to having one cut through or is experiencing some of Rylee's pain because he has been super fussy and drooly today too. I did get a few shots of the kids playing - this is especially rare to get of Baylee anymore as all he wants to do now is head to either stoop and try to climb. Here is one of Baylee playing with his Pooh Bear that Grandma and Grandpa got him - well I should say playing with the tag on the Pooh Bear.
Here is a rare shot of the kids playing with the same toy for a period of time, it didn't last long so good thing I took the picture when I did.
Rylee is learning to defend his toys though - you can see here that he is hold his arm away from Baylee as he approaches to steal whatever prized possession may be in his hand at the time. You can also kind of see from the picture that he is keeping a close eye on him out of the corner of his eye.
I truly cannot get over how fast they are growing - they blow me away everyday!! Just take a look at how big these boys are getting . Just to let you know exactly how big they are getting - the outfits they have on in these pictures are 12 month outfits!!! They came home just 6 weeks ago and could still wear 3 month clothes!!! You can also see a bit of the drool we have been experiencing on Rylee's shirt in the first picture :-)
I know the post seems to be rather Rylee heavy today but that is because I was either holding Baylee, which I did most of the day - but don't mind a single bit - or i would get these shots as he was attempting to climb.
Rylee did pause from playing for a little while to watch daddy play the Wii....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! The boys are being baptized tomorrow so it will be a big day for all of us!!!

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