Thursday, December 31, 2009

Various pictures

Here are some fun pictures from this week....

Daddy took the week off this week to work on some projects - Rylee wanted to help!! 

Baylee thought it was too loud so he wanted to use mommy's ear plugs!!

The boys were looking at the ABC book Ms. Tracey gave them!! 

Then they wanted daddy to read it to them

Playing with some of their toys

Why would you just want to play with the train table when you could actually be in the train table?  Notice Baylee was smiling for the camera and Rylee was trying to get out as soon as he saw that I noticed...

Since my mom was sick for Christmas we got together with them last night - so the boys got to open MORE presents!!!

Ready to go sledding!!! 

They even opened mommy's present!!

Rylee wanted to help daddy he has his own tool bench!! 

They loved their art desks - of course they wanted to sit on top of them!!! 

Hanging out with grandma!! 

Whew it has been quite a week!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday & Christmas week!!

It has been quite a week for us with the boy's birthday on Wednesday and Christmas.  We still have one more Christmas to have because Grandma was sick yesterday so hopefully we will get together with them soon.  The boys are going to think they get presents everyday!!! 

Baylee decided he wanted to be part of the decorations when we were taking everything down from their birthday party.

Not sure what Rylee was doing with his balloon...

Playing with their farm set from Karen, Jeremiah & ABBY!!! 

HMMM what can I get into next????

Baylee's Elmo didn't last very long but that was ok with him because then it was at his level and he could play with it more.

Jamming with the Imagination Movers....

Listening to Elmo sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Belly flop into the balloons!!! 

Grandma & Grandpa came to see us on our birthday and brought more presents!!! 

YEAH its another Elmo!! 

Opening birthday presents from mommy & daddy....

The little people schoolhouse was one of my favorite gifts to give them because i had one almost just like it when i was little!!! 

I guess they think our bathtub is a toybox!!!

Now moving on to Christmas!!!!
Rylee had become so good at opening presents that he was opening ones that weren't even his - he bypassed all the "Santa" gifts and went right over to the bench where I put Terry & I's gifts and he opened my Christmas present!! 

Then they started oepning their own gifts from Santa...

Stopping for a minute to pose for the camera...

Once they were done they thought they would help daddy with his gift too..

What do I do with these???

We were big boys eating our snack at the counter!!!  We also got to eat lunch at the big people table!!!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!!!  We sure did!!! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today we had the birthday party for the boys for our family and friends.  Here are some shots from our fun day!! 

Here are some of the decorations all set up...

The boys love balloons so we got a balloon cake and they each got their own Elmo balloon bouquet...


Thanks Tracey for taking pictures for us!! 


Present time..the boys got a little bit of help with opening presents this year - thanks girls!! 

Hi-five thank you for everyone!! 

Time for a little music....

We will get the rest of the gifts out of the boxes tomorrow.  Thanks so much to everyone for coming and for their generosity but mostly thanks for loving our boys!!!