Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making dinos and playing dinos!!

When we went to creation museum we had bought a dino kit and we got it out the other day to make our dino!!!

Then Friday they wanted mommy to be a dino - they had a great time running from the "scary" monster!!

How sweet is this picture!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend!!

We had a BUSY weekend!!  Terry was off for Good Friday so we went to Bloomington and visited Wonder Lab.

Came home and found that Farm Fresh had delivered - yummy strawberries!!!

Saturday we had two Easter Egg hunts (I only got pictures of one because my camera died...)

Carnival Games after the hunt at our church

Then we went to Muncie to celebrate Uncle Gary's birthday!!!

The present set up....

The presents discovered!!!

After church we went to Grandma & Papaw's for more fun!!

On top of all that today we celebrate our referral day three years ago!!  We have grown up quite a bit from those little tikes we first saw!!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This week in pictures...

The boys wanted NOTHING to do with their first soccer game!!  They stayed glued to me the whole time.  I guess Rylee was helping Baylee get the snack out of his teeth!!! 

They really like to go fishing!!!

Don't you just want to eat them up???

Going for a walk - it was sunny so they decided they needed their hats on!! 

Hi mom!! 

This is what I call lounging!!!!  What a life!!

I guess Baylee thought the garage door wasn't going up fast enough on its own!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1st soccer practice!!!

We had our first soccer practice tonight - thanks Kate for your help!!! 

They were good listeners to the coach!!

Every team needs to have the kids that stand on the side clueless to what is going on - at least I can provide that for this team :-)

Baylee was fine with playing one on one but wanted nothing to do with the team sport!! 

I forgot to post this the other day...