Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mommy is NOT David Copperfield!!

Yesterday after making multiple trips to the Christmas tree to get my son and after moving multiple ornaments I got the brilliant idea that I would create a diversion - I would put the chaise lounge in the path that Baylee always took to the tree and my thought was if that were there it would deter him and he would give up. Well think again - he proved to me that I am in fact not David Copperfield and I did not make the tree disappear!! If you look closely on the bottom right side of the picture you can see a little butt and one little foot feet that have gone around the chair as if to say duh mommy the tree is still there I just have to go around!!
He did try to make up for it though by helping me clean - Kari I guess there must be something about boys and the swifer sweeper!!

I did find yesterday that Baylee was momentarily distracted from trying to go into the other room when he "discovered" the bouncy chair. When the boys first got home I tried to use this but neither were really interested in it so about all I use it for now is if they both REALLY need a bottle at the same time when I am here by myself I will do one on my lap and one next to me in the chair. So when I am doing that the bar is not on it - yesterday I was moving some stuff so I had it put together and hadn't moved it out of their play area yet - well Baylee found it and was looking at it and then I turned on the music and effects and that kept him entertained for about 20 minutes - and gave me 20 minutes of not chasing :-)

I couldn't remember if I had ever posted a video of Rylee in his Jumperoo before and he was in a very jumpy mood yesterday so I thought I would share.

I had a moment of disbelief yesterday when I was looking at the calendar for something and realized their birthday is NEXT TUESDAY!! My little babies are going to be a year old!!!! I just can't believe how fast time goes by!!! Hope everyone is having a good day!!! I am trying to get some Christmas things done today - I have had a few little distractions this year so I am not as on it as I usually am - but the distractions have been SO well worth it :-)

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Kuebler Family said...

I hope you do not have a Clorox Toilet Wand... that is what Eli moved onto after the swiffer, not as helpful:)