Thursday, January 28, 2010


The boys are getting more brave and enjoying swimming lessons more and more each week.  3 more weeks of this session and then 7 weeks in the next level!! 

They like to help mommy & daddy when it is time to go bye bye! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ever since they have been in their big boy beds, most nights they end up sleeping on the floor.  This week they have been sleeping in beds - but as you can see from the colors they are sleeping in the wrong beds.  This is Baylee sleeping in Rylee's bed...

And Rylee sleeping in Baylee's bed!!! 

This is what happens when a 2 year old decided to be creative - thanks for the markers grandma!!!  At least they are washable :-)

This is what happens when daddy gets home with a slurpee and puts it on the counter where Rylee can't reach it....

Anytime I get the sweeper out to clean up a mess Rylee insists on helping - he is actually pretty good!!  He cleans up the mess and then turns it off, hands it to me, and says "all done"

It really doesn't take much to keep them happy - here they are playing with spoons while i was unloading the dishwasher!! 

Getting ready for bed!!!

Want some juice????

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Here are the boys decked out in their colts gear!!!

They were being little stinkers when I tried to take their picture to show off thier shirts....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

life this week...

Can't believe how fast this month is going by - the only good thing about that is we are getting closer to nicer weather!!  Here is some pictures of the fun we have had this week!! 

The boys have learned to love Slurpees as much as daddy!!!

I think we are finally to the end of our high chair days!!  They can now get the trays off themselves and that just causes a big ol mess!!!  Here they are after they threw their trays on the ground!! 

Here they are sitting at the table in the boosters Tracey let us borrow - looking much happier!! 

We had week three of swimming lessons this week - each week gets better with how they like the pool - here we are waiting on daddy in the parking lot!! 

We all had a fun time!!

Rylee wanted to help both of us with our bags!!! 

Just hanging out playing at home!! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday

Today is Grandpa's birthday so we went out to dinner and had some fun!!! 

Who needs silverware - your hands are so much easier!! 

I want PIE!!!!

Despite using his spoon, Rylee still ended up wearing some of his dinner!!

He did at least clean up after himself!!

Grandpa with his boys...

I couldn't resist posting these pictures from his birthday last year - my how they have grown up!!!

Smiling for the camera!!! 

Peek A Boo!!!

Little Mr. mischief

The boys started realizing that all the girls kept coming out of this room so they thought they would just hang out there!! 

Anything can be used as a bracelet!! 

When we came home we put up our Pooh window cling that Kate got us!!  They had fun being creative!! 

Marveling at their masterpiece!!! 

However, it didn't last long, they ended up moving it several times and it ended up on the wall so we moved it to the bathroom mirror so they can always see it - but not touch it!!!

Just being silly - Baylee wearing potato head's glasses...

Rylee Rocking out!!!! 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow, being silly, and swimming!!!

The boys were ready to go sledding again - they brought me their hats and gloves - too bad it was dark outside - sorry guys!! 

Trying to help clean-up before going "bye-bye"

I have no idea how he did it but somehow Baylee got his "hat" to stay on his head!! 

Rylee showing off his "bling" bracelets

Then they both starting trying to wear them - maybe they could be toe rings or ankle bracelets as well!! 

Trying to walk around in daddy's shoes....

They LOVE music!!!!

Pausing for a moment for the camera....

A Double Drum major!! 

Really mom, do you have to take ANOTHER picture!!!

Push me faster!!!  This is Rylee pushing Baylee this time - the last post it was Baylee pushing Rylee!

Getting ready to get in the water at swimming lessons - can you tell they were not really sure if they wanted to!! 

In the end they had a good time and when it was time to get out Rylee didn't really want to leave. 

Mommy with her little guys...

I think Daddy is under there somewhere...

Having a picnic with daddy!!