Saturday, September 22, 2012

More September fun

Octoberfest at German Park! 

These boys are fearless when it comes to riding rides - should make Disney interesting (for mommy) next month since they are tall enough to ride most of the "big" rides!! 

Silly boys!!  Yes all three of them :-)

Waiting for "beans" to turn into animals

Decorating for fall...

OH NO Pirates have come to our house!! 


One of the coolest pictures other than those of my kids - Terry and I got to meet Dave Ramsey last week and for those that know us you know what an impact his program has had on our lives so this was a SUPER cool moment for us!!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More updates

Here are some more updates....
Fun event put on by the local firefighters recently!!  Learned how to wear our helmets! 

Got to try on the coats! 

How cute are these little guys!! 

Pizza Pizza - twins twins! 

The boys started gymnastics and really enjoy it! 

More Cincinnati pics
Good-bye hotel! 

Camel ride! 

Cincinnati Weekend

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati - they have pigs on display!!  These were ok by mommy to hang out with - no risk of swine flu!! 

Spent Saturday at Entertrainment junction - must do for train lovers!!!

Hanging out in the hotel

Grandma and papaw came along for the trip too!! 

Sunday we went to the creation museum