Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas - a few days late...

Well as I am sure you can imagine Christmas was a little different around the Tolliver household this year!! We had an amazing Christmas!! On Christmas eve for our church service Terry played Joseph, I played Mary, and Baylee played baby Jesus during the 4:30 service and Rylee played baby Jesus during the 11:00 service and we served to tell our part of the Christmas story as part of the service. It was a humbling experience to play that role and really helped us focus on the true reason for the season.

Then came Christmas day and for the most part it was all about the boys!!! Terry's parents came over for the "first shift" of Christmas and here are some pictures from that.
Even though they both had a present to open Baylee thought it would be more fun to come help his brother open his than to open his own.
We all had to help out with the gifts - they were into the wrapping paper for a minute but then would either lose interest or put it in their mouth so one of us would take over.

Then the boys had a nap and my parents came over for the evening shift. Here is a shot of me with the boys and my mommy and daddy.

Between Santa, and all of the grandparents they had lots of toys and fun stuff to play with but this is what they chose to do....
Baylee had to help daddy read the instructions to daddy to help him put together his new shop vac.
Rylee was enjoying some time with Great Grandma...
Baylee rounded out his exciting day by helping mommy clean up after everyone left.
Thanks to everyone for making our first Christmas so special!!!

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Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

Your folks look great - be sure to tell them hello for me! So glad you had a great Christmas this year. These boys are just so cute!