Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a few pics...

The boys were trying to help daddy fix his car!!
Yummy - so many choices while waiting at Gray's!! 

They both ate really good!!

Playing with the coffee grinder in the lobby at Gray's

Stopping for a minute to pose with great grandma!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More fair fun....and a few other pics

The boys were enjoying watching my screensaver on my computer scroll through various pictures!!!

The boys may not always sleep in their beds, but they do generally like to be close to one another!!!  Gotta love that "twin thing"

Wednesday night was a nice evening so we headed back out to the fair.  Here we are heading in!!!
The whole time we were driving there the boys wanted to see GOATS - so we headed there first!! 

Then we headed to see the elephant!!!

Riley hospital has a really cool area set up where the boys got to be "farmers"
First they picked up their baskets...

Then they got to "feed" the cows and pigs
They got their own John Deere hats!!1

Then they planted their seeds!!

Then they got to dig up their harvest!!!

Then we got to pick some apples!!

Even though it said to just pick "one" of each thing, Baylee thought he needed more!!!

Then we got to ride our own tractors.  There was a choice of red, blue, pink, and green - without any prompting at all Rylee chose red and Baylee chose blue!!!

Then we "milked" a cow!!!

The boys were helping daddy with the wagon down the bridge!!!

My babies seeing the baby piggies!!!!

Sunday grocery shopping was just too much for the boys to handle apparently!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What a week so far, and it's just Monday!!

The boys petting their "dog" - this is likely the only doggie they will have for a LONG time....

They had fun riding the "boat"
Ring around the rosie.....

Building with blocks!!!

Thankful for washable markers!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

This week, so far....

On Monday evening we went to see Grandma & Papaw and got to ride on the boat!!!  We really were having a good time, though Baylee doesn't look very happy in either of these shots...

Then grandma decided they needed to play in the water!!!
After hanging out in the water they wanted to drive the boat back home.
But they settled for dancing to the radio instead!! 

They are both so cool they have to wear shades!!!

Rylee still prefers his to be upside down!!

The boys were using the towels as "wings" and pretending to be butterflies.  I am not a big fan of butterflies but I have to admit these are two of the cutest butterflies I have ever see!!!