Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

A few weeks ago we headed to Indianapolis Museum of Art and got some family pictures done.  I had to wait to post them on here until the Grandparents got their gifts - now that they have theirs I thought I would share with everyone! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Pictures...

After getting grief from several people I am taking the time to put up pictures. Sorry there aren't a lot but hopefully it will tied you over :-)

We went to the zoo on Friday - here are the boys watching the elephants....

The bear was not happy and was doing all he could to figure a way out!!! 

Going for a walk over the weekend - the boys were taking turns pulling and then finally let daddy pull

Then they decided they were santa and were pulling on the reindeer's reigns. 

When we get home they are convinced that they open the garage door!! 

Don't like all the rain we have been getting but I do love the blooms of the springtime!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soccer, life as a singleton...and a few other random pics

The boys were at least out on the field for a little while during their game...

They were trying to figure out the mud...

Once they realized they were dirty they were "over it" - most kids love to play in mud puddles - my kids are freaked out by them - they get it honest....

Riding the train at the mall!! 

Chasing birds!!

Exploring one of the paths at the IMA

My "kitty cats" resting on the stairs!

Baylee took an actual nap today but Rylee didn't want one so Rylee and I experience two hours of life as a singleton!!  We enjoyed the brief time while it was not raining.  Rylee decided he needed to get the spray bottle and "water" everything....

I mean EVERYTHING - and he was serious about it too!!  He was a man on a mission!! 

My Mother's Day flowers!  Not a day goes by that I don't praise God and realize how blessed I am to be a mommy!! 

Rylee had to show his llama the flowers....