Monday, March 30, 2009

Got the camera back!!

The first thing I did when I got to work this morning was make sure I put my camera back in my purse. The boys were not up for getting pictures done this weekend anyway because they were under the weather so i guess from that regard it was good that i didn't have the camera. Grandma and Grandpa babysat today and will be here again tomorrow - too bad they are not feeling good. We will see how the night goes and decide if we need to call the doctor for an appointment for tomorrow. Here are some pictures from last week - they love playing with dad's stuff in the office!!!

They have learned to climb the stairs and they are getting pretty fast!!

Hopefully they will be feeling better soon and will be more excited about getting pictures taken :-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

No updates

Sorry there will not be any updates this weekend - i left my camera at work on thursday!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Handsome boys....

They were not really wanting to have their picture taken tonight but I couldn't resist trying to show off their new haircuts and their new shoes!!

The boys have been doing great this week and everyone is feeling well. We have been so excited for spring to get here and I think this is a good indication that spring is well on its way. I love my magnolia tree!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Healthy weekend

Well we finally had a healthy weekend this weekend, and therefore it was a busy weekend. We were on the move almost all weekend. We went shopping for most of the day on Saturday - and of course guess who got the most clothes?!?!? I remember when a shopping trip meant I would come home with stuff, not so much anymore - it is all about the boys!! Yesterday we went to church and then ran some errands, came home and napped for a little while, and then went back to church for a concert. Needless to say with the busyness we didn't get a lot of pictures taken but here are a few from last week....

Baylee discovered the fun of the Kleenex box last week - don't you just love that little smirk on his face....

Generally I give all of the magazines I am done with to my mom - sorry grandma, your grandson got to them first!!!

Rylee also enjoyed some reading this weekend....

I should have known it would be no time before Baylee got up on the fireplace as well!!

Since they were both feeling good they were having a lot of fun with each other as well!! Here is the only shot i was able to capture of them wrestling with each other - they were also tickling each other this weekend and were just giggling like crazy it was so adorable!!!

I guess Rylee is ready to drink out of mommy's bottle instead of his own!! He looks very determined don't you think....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost all better

For some reason i cannot move my pictures today so my posting is a little backward but I know some people are just looking for pictures anyway (you know who you are :-))

Who knew a book mark could be so much fun?????

Rylee seemed to want to go outside so bad on Sunday - he just laid at the back door for a while and looked outside. Hopefully we can go for a walk when mommy gets home from work tonight!!

Baylee just wanted his brother to feel better this weekend - he was ready to play and didn't understand why his favorite playmate was not interested.

Well everyone is on the mend at the Tolliver household. I would say Baylee is back to 100% and Rylee is about 75 - 80%. I am hopeful that this week of nice weather will help a lot!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring will be here soon!!!!

This is what I keep telling myself over and over again - I am hopeful with spring and warmer temperatures we will have less colds and yucky feeling!! I also keep telling myself that it could be so much worse and that colds and yucky is very temporary!! Rylee has been up since 3:00 and just plain feels yucky. He caught whatever Baylee had so he is feeling about the same way he did a few days ago. Baylee is feeling much better and so I remain hopeful that Rylee will feel better in a few days. Here are some shots from yesterday - I had to stay home since Rylee had a fever.

Don't I just look pitiful?????

Despite not feeling good he did have some time yesterday when he was feeling ok and played for a little while - and of course there was time for snacks!!!

And time to watch the cars go by - this is still a favorite activity...

Both of them still love their electronics!!!

Apparently I decided to close the blinds a little early for Baylee last night - he still wanted to look outside even though it was dark....

And of course no matter how we feel there is always time to have fun with daddy - even if it is just laying our head down and snuggling while your brother thinks daddy is a mountain to climb...

Hope everyone has a nice Friday and a good weekend - seems like ours will be mostly indoors again this weekend - SPRING WILL BE HERE SOON!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going for a walk...

The boys got to go for a walk at Tracey's yesterday since it was so nice - here are some shots of the event....
We are all loaded up and ready to go...
Here is Baylee peeking through the second seat to see what is going on up front.
And the crew is off....
Rylee enjoyed it so much he fell asleep, this happens in the car too!!

Glad Tracey sent these pictures cause it has been a busy couple of days for mommy so she hasn't really gotten any pictures. Have a good rest of the week!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend...not quite as expected

We were quite looking forward to the weekend of nice weather but our Baylee boy became a little under the weather on Friday so we didn't get to enjoy the outdoors very much afterall. Here are some shots from the weekend....inside

Baylee has started doing this Michael Jordan tounge thing....Rylee has been a very good eater this week - part of it is the angle of the camera i am sure but you can see that his cheeks are starting to really fill out - and that is the way most people could tell them apart!!!

We are still not big fans of wearing our socks - but they come in useful as fun toys to carry around!!
Despite not feeling good, Baylee was having a good time hanging out with daddy..
Are you talking to me?!?!?!

Here is Baylee giving me a fishy kiss ....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week in Review

I know I have been a bit of a slacker this week but it has kind of been a busy week so I have not had a chance to take many pictures or to post - sorry!! Here are a few pictures that I was able to snap this week..

Tracy got them these hat's for Valentine's day and mommy decided she would see how they liked them - i think they are ready to hang out at the lake this summer with grandma and grandpa!!

We do have a lot of items that are doubles since we have twins but no matter what one of them has, even if it is the same thing, they seem to want what they other one has - the hats are no exception...

Needless to say we have had to make some changes to baby proof the house - here is one of the reasons why...

Rylee had to watch daddy as he was putting the stoppers on the doors tonight...if you look real close you can see him in the bottom of the picture watching daddy

Does anyone know if there have ever been a set of twins on "Top Chef" or one of the other cooking shows? Maybe our boys will be a first - they are loving playing with the kitchen items they can get to....

We are quite excited that it is supposed to be 70 degrees on Saturday so hopefully we will get to enjoy the weather!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend photos

We had fun on Friday just hanging out with mommy - here are some pictures from then...

Mommy was really excited about us getting this for Christmas - she is even more excited since they really like playing with it!!

Just hanging out....

Of all the toys they have to play with - plastic containers and lids seem to be so fun!!

Are these pants that they had on not just the cutest things ever!!!
They have both started giving kisses this week but the way they "pucker up" to give the kiss makes them look like little fishes!!

We had a talent show at church on Saturday - the boys had a good time but not quite as much fun as the week before when they were jamming!! Rylee really enjoyed snuggle time with Russ.

so much so that he ended up putting him to sleep..

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!