Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!!   We had a great day with mommy and daddy, mamaw, papaw, uncle gary, little bit, grandma, and papaw!! We are so blessed!!!

Duffy Bear dressed up like buzz

Duffy Bear dressed up like woody!!

Disney monorail - it is like we are at disney all the time now!!  We also got a disney train but haven't got it out yet!!!

Army men!!!

The BIG piano!!!

Making the most of many of our toys!!  the monorail and tunnels for the monorail!! 
Wishing everyone a very blessed christmas!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MORE Disney

Here is the last set of pictures that we took from our trip.  We will have lots more that Disney took once I edit them (probably after Christmas!!)

Here are the boys taking a "crack" at the crabs - just like daddy!! 

Rylee wanted his picture taken with the ducks - anytime he wants his picture taken I have to make the most of it because usually he runs from the camera!! 


Santa Goofy

Playing safari cornhole!! 

GREAT seats for the NEMO show

This picture is for my daddy!! 

Jamming on the drums

The monkeys climbing on the elephants

The boys got to pet and feed a lizard

Then we had to go pet goats!!  

Baylee LOVES spaghetti!!   

They could have stayed at the train display in Germany for the whole trip!!   

Excited to ride the carosel! 

Trying to get the sword out of the stone!!!

Another pretty shot of the castle!


Playing simon says


Another dance party - this time with woody and jessie! 

Silly faces waiting for the Christmas parade! 

Another view of the castle with the other decorations in the foreground! 

Water art of Mickey

The boys checking the map deciding where we will go. 

We visted an ice display off property - it was 9 degrees so we had to bundle up!! 

It was a shrek christmas theme! 

There were even ice slides you could go down! 

Even an ice nativity scene

So sweet!! 

Dinner at Chef Mickey's with visit from our friends! 

The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian

Now it's time to say goodbye!! 

Silly face and all I had to take advantage of the fact that he asked to have his picture taken!! 

We stayed at the airport hotel because our flight was at 7am - not a great family picture but not bad considering it was taken at 5;30 AM!!!! 

Saturday night after getting home we went to a party and santa showed up!!