Friday, May 29, 2009

Mr Independents

Where oh where did my dependent little boys go - each day it seems like they are getting more and more independent!!!!

Then there is this sweet little baby face!!!

The boys had fun while grandma and grandpa were here last night!!!

Ok time to stop blogging and start packing!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More pics from the weekend....

Here are some more shots from the weekend.

Are you talking to me?!?!?

I guess he got over it - he seems much happier here.

If he could I am sure he would be singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt"

"Fight the power!!!"

Hey - what are you doing???

Just hanging out playing with my jungle toy - hey this monkey and I are wearing the same color!!!

Not real sure what to think of the grass for the first time!?!?!?

Just having a good time dancing and playing!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

First trip...

Here were are this morning enjoying our breakfast!!! I think I should buy stock in Dunkin Doughnuts - they LOVE doughnuts!!!
The boys had their first visit to Mallow Run tonight and this was also their first outdoor picnic experience. Baylee is still not feeling real great due to his ear infection but Rylee had a good time!!!

Neither of them were real sure what to think when we first got there - they had never been on the grass before and so it took some time for them to get used to their surroundings.

If you look real close in the corner of his mouth he ended up chewing on a piece of grass - good ol farmer Rylee!!!

Baylee on the other hand just wanted to snuggle all night....the picture does make him look much more pitiful than he was actually feeling....

Rylee was ready to go be part of the corn hole game...

Then he had some play time with daddy...

I guess he thought his new shoes we more fun to eat than to wear....

Couldn't forget to bring the piano for my little "Schroeder"

Hopefully Baylee will be feeling better by Monday - they will experience their first swim in the pool!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy outing

Sorry mommy went out of town over the weekend with her girlfriends to "kidnap" a friend for her 40th birthday so there were no pictures taken of the boys this weekend. We did have a good time, but it is nice to be back with the family again.

Here is a shot I got last week before I left - Thursday I was getting things done before we left and Rylee was not in the room with me but he was being really quiet so I figured he was in the living room playing - WRONG!!!!

Baylee was keeping me entertained (or occupied) while Rylee was causing havoc in the bathroom! Now I know what he was really laughing about....and here I thought he was just happy to be playing with mom

I had to take a going away picture the morning I left while they were eating breakfast - they are at the "I am not going to smile" phase right now - aren't their little smirks just too cute!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing around...

Here are some shots from the last few days..

Baylee is getting a little better about sharing -- they are both doing this right now, it is so cute!!
Here is Rylee with one of the blocks from the alphabet train - i have to admit when we opened this toy a couple of weeks ago I had to come to grips with the fact that we would never again have all the letters of the alphabet!!!!
The boys love riding the giraffe they got for Easter. They are big enough now to get on all by themselves but their little legs are not quite long enough to scoot along - it won't be long though!!
Hey - how did you get up there?!?!?!?!?
Ok I know most kids the boys age like to watch Mickey Mouse or the Wiggles or some other age appropriate show - this is what the boys were fixed on the other day!! I think they like the fact that it plays music throughout the whole show.

The boys both LOVE to play peek a boo - now they can hide themselves!!

Here are some shots from dinner the other night that i didn't post. Rylee is READY to eat - BRING ME THE FOOD!!!!

Yeah the food is here - the food is here!!!

Whew I am stuffed - time for a nap!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

Well Mother's Day is my official birthday this year and what a great birthday / mother's day I will have with my two beautiful presents!!! My parents came over today and took us out to dinner for my birthday and here are some pictures from the evening.

Here are the big boys sitting at the table all by themselves, with the help of high chairs of course.

We had a nice dinner and the boys both did really good eating and behaving. Then the birthday cake came....

As you can remember from the pasta picture Rylee has no problem with being dirty when it comes to enjoying food!!! He LOVED mommy's birthday cake!!!!

Then there is Baylee - who does not like to be dirty - notice he only has one crumb on the corner of his mouth.

We had a great time!!! Hope all the mother's out there have a great day Sunday!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OH MY!!!!

Welcome to pasta night at the Tolliver's!!!!!
Rylee is like a whole new baby now that he has his tubes!! He is feeling much better, is babbling a lot more, took several steps tonight, and his appetite is HUGE - he ate almost a whole microwave container of Chef Boyardee tonight - as you can tell he quite enjoyed it!! I am not sure if he was wanting to share with me or if he was just saying GIVE ME MORE!!!!

Here was the end of the meal - as you can see things only got messier from above.

Baylee has another ear infection and so is not feeling real great - however, he doesn't like to be dirty so even if he was feeling great he probably would not have made near the mess that you see on his brother.

Hope you all had nice dinnertime this evening!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend update

We were pretty busy this weekend but here are some pictures of our fun times.

Rylee did great with his surgery on Thursday - here we are eating breakfast on Friday morning. They like their coco puffs!!

Once again, despite all of the toys they have they love playing in the kitchen with mommy's stuff. Here is a shot of them taking everything out of the tupperware drawer - Baylee REALLY wanted everything out of the drawer!!

Since it was so nice out this weekend I thought it would be fun to give the boys a first experience outside on their own and see what they did. Mind you that I didn't keep in mind that the mat would be hot since it is black and would absorb the heat - so as soon as Rylee touched it he started crying because it was hot - sorry buddy!!

I am posting this picture just to prove the point that i don't ALWAYS wear make-up - but I should - it is not a pretty picture!!

Here are the boys getting into the movies - I moved the bean bag so we could go outside so they were able to sneak by and pull out lots of movies...

We went shopping this weekend and Baylee was rather liking his front row seat - he was laid back enjoying the trip!!

Hope everyone has a great week - remember WASH YOUR HANDS (give me a break it is what I do for a living!)!!!!