Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gotcha celebration trip & some other pics

Here are some shots from a trip to the Children's museum here in Indy - of course they love the trains!!

Riding the horses!!

It is all about teamwork!!!

We took a trip to Chicago to celebrate our "gotcha day".  On the way up we stopped at Fair Oak Farms...

Then we got to the hotel and while terry and I tried to get settled Rylee decided to hide! 

They thought it was pretty neat that they could walk under the water! 

Enjoying the Chicago Children's museum

Dino dig!!

The boys enjoyed coming down the fire pole!!

Enjyoing some dinner at Bubba Gumps

The View from the hotel looking out over the pier. 

Just like their daddy - they both like to look at the brochures!!! 

Enjoying the field museum

Checking out the animals.

Baylee wanted to make suere he was going wiht the train!!!

The family shot - Baylee thought it was important the sheep was in the picture!!

Museum of Science & Industry

"Milking" their own cows!!

Riding the combine!! 

Taking turns!!


 Happy to be back home, where they can snuggle with each other!!

Here are some cute shots the babysitter took the other day when they played in leaves!!