Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well of course being the Saturday after Christmas yesterday we had to go hit the sales and see if there was anything we could not live without. Besides the rain and the wind it was a really nice day to be out. Before we left both of the boys were hanging out by the back door - apparently they were wanting to go out - especially Baylee as you can see him standing at the back door. Janet if you are reading these are the outfits you got them - they look darn cute in them if I must say so myself - of course I am a little partial.
Rylee has become a lot more smiley lately and here is a shot of that cute smile he has....
Grandma B made the boys jello jigglers for Christmas but we didn't have a chance to eat them on Christmas with all of the other fun going on so we tried them last night - not sure that I can say they were a big hit but maybe next year :-)

Both boys decided they wanted to play with the Jumperoo was quite funny watching them but surprisingly Baylee did not fall down while Rylee jumped.
Well I must go - Baylee has two teeth coming in and needless to say has not been a very happy boy!!

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