Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

The boys in their Christmas jammies...

Hanging out with mommy on Christmas eve - does it get any better than this :-)

When the boys went to sleep I was finally able to put the presents under the tree

Christmas morning - Christmas part 1 with my parents.

Christmas afternoon - Christmas part 2 with Terry's parents.

Christmas evening - Christmas part 3 - Santa and mommy & daddy Christmas

Putting Christmas money in our piggy banks. 

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas - we did!! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post vacation catch up....

The bad thing about going on vacation in December is the month FLIES by even faster!! So I know I am way behind on pictures so here you go....

Of course the other thing in December is our birthday - thanks to a co-worker of mine, birthday presents started last week!! 

We ventured out to Christmas at the Zoo - we had to bundle up though because it was COLD!!!

Writting letters to Santa

Wonder what they were asking for - my guess is trains!!!

Excited to see "Mr Ray" - make special note that Baylee is the one next to the glass - earlier in the summer he was TERRIFIED to be close to the glass!! 

We bought a train for the Christmas tree - the boys loved it!!

We went to Ohio over the weekend to meet with my mom's family and have lunch.  the boys got some sprinkles for dessert - you should have seen the mess on the floor - I am guessing we are banned from ever going back there!! 

All the great grandkids were there so we had to do a photo op!!! 

Afterward we went to Bass Pro Shop and the boys loved seeing the animals - here they were petting a reindeer! 

As soon as we got home, before jackets came off, they went to see the train!!!

Today (Thursday) was their THIRD birthday - we started the day with a present!! 

Yep - it was Thomas stuff!!!  This thing may have said ages 3+ but I think it was missing a number and should have said ages 30+ - it was a pain to put together!!!  I have to say my heart sank a little when Rylee tore it down tonight (it is megablocks) - I am thinking about supergluing it in position. 

We went to the State museum for some fun today - we were also going to go to the Children's museum but we didn't make it....they were fine though because there were trains!!!

Waiting to see Santa

Riding Santa's train!!!

Riding a boat!!!

We ran into our "cousin" Abby while we were there - they all insisted on holding hands - it was too stinking cute!!!

Came home and opened another present

Then had cupcakes!!!!

Then before bedtime we had one more present - Mickey had brought it to them from Disney!!  DUFFY bear!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney day 7 & 8 and back home in Indiana

The boys love the game room at our hotel - it had trains around it and they also liked "playing" the games. 

 The Christmas tree in our hotel lobby

The boys hanging out in our lobby

The family at the top of the treehouse in the Magic Kingdom

Rylee being silly with his stickers 

We had SO much fun at the DVC Christmas party!!! 

The Christmas tree & Gingerbread HOUSE at the Grand Floridian

Hollywood Studios decked out for Christmas

Our 'good-bye' picture....

The boys saying bye to the hotel

They wanted to go see the buffalo while we waited for the bus

Getting off the bus and waiting for our stuff - not too excited about going home...

Our flight got delayed but the boys made the most of it and wanted their pictures taken by all of the characters at the airport!! 
 They were trying with all their might (grunts and all) to get the gum off of Goofy's shoe....




Even the Christmas tree in the airport...

Boarded on the plane and ready to go....

When we got home Rylee didn't even take his jacket off before he was building tracks and playing with trains!! 

Then we had a Christmas party to go to on Saturday night and Santa & Mrs. Claus showed up!!!!