Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mellow weekend

Well we had a pretty mellow weekend this weekend so that the boys could rest and continue to recover. We went down to see grandpa and grandma on Saturday in hopes of making them feel better from grandpa's surgery. I think it worked - at least for a little while. He continues to make progress and each day is getting better for him.
The boys are feeling better and are just about back to normal. Rylee is much more smiley than Baylee right now - when Baylee is not feeling well he does not want to smile much at all. Here is a picture i was able to snap of Rylee tonight and then one of both of them.
Can you believe that it was three months ago yesterday that we came home? I find that so hard to believe - it seems like so much longer than that. We continue to be so blessed by these little boys!!! They just amaze us everyday and it is so much fun just watching them learn and grow!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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