Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This weekend

I know it is Tuesday and I am behind in posting. Sunday we were gone most of the day and last night I had a meeting at church and by the time I got home the boys were ready for bed, and so was I not too long there after!!
I am so bummed that this picture it blurry because it is too cute. The boys have really been into each other the last couple days and it has been sooooooo cute. Last night they were playing chase with each other and it was so darn cute - of course by the time i got the camera they were done...i will have to try to capture that some other time.

We have this huge bean bag chair that we used to be able to use as a "gate" if we wanted to keep the boys contained to the living room we could put it in front of the stoop and they would not be able to climb it - so much for that idea now...

Good thing we have two windows in the front - Rylee discovered that he likes to look outside as well. I am really excited for the spring when they can start to play outside!!!! Should I be concerned that it looks like Baylee is doing some kind of gang sign with his hand? ?

Both boys, like most children, like to see their reflection in a mirror, or anything that will show them their reflection. But Baylee REALLY likes to see himself - he always tries to kiss himself whenever he can - is that conceit??

The boys have gotten lots of grandma and grandpa attention recently - my parents came over on Saturday so Terry and I could go out for Valentines Day and Terry's parents babysat yesterday and are coming again today. My parents brought them Valentine's presents but to me these are the best gifts ever!!!!!!

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