Friday, January 30, 2009

Feeling better

The boys are feeling better again today. They were able to go to the babysitters today and did ok. Rylee was a little clingy but he has been that way since not feeling good. Here are a few shots of the boys last night. We were in the office getting some things done so they were hanging out with us in there..
Here was Baylee playing in our paper recycling box - daddy put him in there to be funny but he loved playing with all the paper!! He doesn't look all that happy in the picture but that is because i interrupted him.
Here is Rylee just hanging out watching daddy.
As for grandpa he made it through surgery just fine yesterday - he doesn't do well with anesthesia so he wasn't feeling very good last night but the ankle is doing well. He was able to come home last night and we were going to go see him but grandma called and said that they were both so tired they would prefer we wait so we will go on Saturday when hopefully he is feeling much better. Hope everyone has a happy Friday!!

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