Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here are three pictures that Tracey sent me today that she had taken. I came back from a meeting and there they were - what a smile it put on mommy's face - i then of course had to share them with everyone I could find at work!

Here are some pictures from last night. Here is what you might think is just a cute shot of Rylee (which of course mommy thinks all shot of the boys are cute)

So cute, innocent shot right? WRONG!! Here is where he was when that picture was taken, he got up there all by himself by the way!!
However, he was also able to get down all by himself as well....

Then the boys came over to hang out with mommy on the couch and they were being so cute snuggling with each other and kissing each other and so i went to take a picture and this is what I captured!!

Needless to say Rylee was not real excited about getting bitten....Baylee does seem to bite out of "love" and not because he is angry or upset but he is in a biting phase right now.....Terry was teaching the last two nights so it is a little harder for me to get pictures when i am home alone so that is why i didn't have a lot to post. hope to get more tomorrow when i am home with them all day!!

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