Friday, February 20, 2009

Four months

Four months ago today we were blessed with receiving our beautiful baby boys!! It is amazing when I look back and think about how much has changed in just four short months. We waited 15 1/2 months for that day and now it seems like the blink of an eye when we are able to look at them and hold them and watch them grow everyday!!!

Here are some pictures looking back over the last four is our first picture with each of the boys.

This one is of the boys after a month - they were crawling but still mostly just played laying on the floor or in the jumperoo and exersaucer.
Here they are after two months - they had started pulling up on things - who can forget bubba's belly hanging over the fireplace...

By three months we were big boys eating out with the family...

And here we are this week - I would say that we have changed maybe just a little in the last four months - what do you think??

Last night we went to a Vietnamese new year celebration and were able to meet some other adoptive families. It was really nice to get to meet them and their children and hear other people's stories!! Here is a picture of the gathering.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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