Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another week goes by....

The boys were being silly the other night and acting like itty bitty babies before bedtime.....

Here they were eating dinner the next night - big boys again!!!

This has nothing to do with the boys but there were some beautiful sunrises this week!!!

The boys exploring and having fun in the front yard...

We went to a family get together this week and the boys got to learn how to play least the way they wanted to by putting the balls in the pockets by hand - that was always my favorite way to play!!!

One of the people there just happened to bring a train set since she knew little kids would be coming - she had no idea how happy the boys would be with this choice!!!!!!  Everyone got a kick out of them playing with the trains!!!

Then we had some yummy watermelon - all in all a GREAT day for the boys!!!

Here is what we found Saturday after "naptime", or at least what was supposed to be naptime.  I had no idea there was a crayon in their room!!!!

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