Monday, August 2, 2010

Another fun week!!!

We are still really enjoying our water table but once we decided to hop in, mommy decided it was time to get the pool out!!!

They waited patiently while daddy filled it up....

Well at least as patiently as you can expect 2 year olds to be :-)

They really had fun in the pool!!!

Thursday we went to the mall for cheesecake day and enjoyed the concert outside for a bit too!!!

Then of course we had to go inside to ride the train!!!

YEAH the farm fresh delivery is here!!!

Of course we have to enjoy something right away!!!

Sunday we went to Mamaw & Poppy's to see some family from out of town. 

HMMMM wonder what is in here????

Their favorite part was the apple tree!!!!


Time to collect them!!!

Let's see, do I have enough yet???

Nope, I need one more!!!

Getting a little help from his cousin!

Whew it has been a long week - we are worn out!!!

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