Friday, July 9, 2010

STINKY naptime!!!

There are no pictures with this posting - too disgusting for that!!!

I put the boys down for a nap and sometimes they will play for a little while after they lay down.  Usually this only lasts a few minutes and then they go to sleep.  So today was no different and then when I went upstairs to check on them I could smell when I hit the top of the stairs that someone had a STINKY!!

I sure wouldn't want to sleep with a dirty diaper so I went in to change them - however they decided prior to me coming up there that they would take care of it themselves!!!!!!   They had both taken off their pants, taken off their diapers, and then continued playing so yes this meant that the poo was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  It was on them, on the bed, on their toys, on the floor, on the walls, etc!!!!!!!!!!  Got them & their room all cleaned up and told them it was time for real naptime!!!!  Now I am in the process of cleaning the sheets and blankets and toys!!  Oh the fun times of parenthood :-) 

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