Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where is the summer going?!?!?!?!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going!!!  We have been trying to enjoy it as much as possible!!

Of course our inside time is still all about the trains!!  Those trains were a GREAT investment - thanks again Tracey for the heads up about the set!!!

Mommy & Baylee - Baylee loves the camera and so anytime he sees it in my hand he wants to take a picture!!

The boys love going for a walk in the wagon!!!

After "refusing" to take a nap earlier in the day, Baylee went upstairs and fell asleep in the swing!!

Despite the pouty look on his face, doesn't Baylee look too cool in his hat & sunglasses!!!  Of course - Rylee was running around and too busy to stop for the camera!

YEAH - the boys love getting the farm fresh delivery!!! 

What did we get this week????

Saturday we had some fun at the Children's museum!!!
Playing with dinos!!

This was our attempt at a family photo but the boys weren't being real cooperative!

"Elvis" was there in concert - Baylee wasn't real sure what he thought...

Rylee was just checking everything out - he was watching the water clock here....

They have an etch-a-sketch exhibit right now - so here were the boys "drawing"

Surely these are the next "Mona Lisa"

Then it was on to the "rock star" exhibits...daddy was glad that Rylee enjoyed the Elvis part!

The boys were being "rock stars in cars & motorcycles!!!

Then we got our picture with "Elvis" - I personally did not think he looked anything like Elvis, except for the black hair!! He could sing pretty well though.

Then we got to ride horses!!

Baylee was excited that they had a sink his size in the bathroom!!!

Then we got to make our own instruments!!!

Sunday we went to the Johnson County Fair & saw the animals (& ate a little bit)!!!!

The boys were enjoying a beaver tail (for those that don't know this is like an elephant ear but shaped like a beaver tail instead of an elephant ear!!)



I think this goat wanted to get in the wagon!!!


Some of the "goodies" the boys got along the way!

The boys were enjoying watching the rides on the midway!!

Playing with their new "cell phones" - they don't like to talk on the real phone very much but they like playing with these!!!

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