Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly update...

Here is our week in review, well mostly our weekend in review.  Mommy had VBS all week so most of these pictures are from Friday and Saturday!! 

Here is Baylee enjoying some sticker time!!!

Enjoying some morning yogurt!!!

Excited about our "Farm Fresh" Delivery!!

Friday night we went to fireworks in Columbus

Midway through the show the boys decided that Woody and "dino" needed to watch too!!!

The boys love for trains is so much, that anything can be a train - even books!!!

Rylee was giving me some help making dessert for church on Sunday!!

My handsome little firefighters!!!

We spent part of Saturday at the zoo, this was our attempt at a family photo...

Of course we had to ride the train!!!

Then we stopped by Mug N Bun - the boys really liked it!!!

They were in a very lovey mood at Sams club!!!

Then we went to Beech Grove to try to catch some more fireworks - unfortunately we were behind a tree so we didn't see too much!!!

Dino of course had to watch again!!!

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