Saturday, June 12, 2010

We had a very eventful weekend!!! Today we went to see ELMO at PBS kids day in the park.  It was SOOOOOOO hot but overall the day went well - the kids did better with Elmo than they ever did with any other character. 

Here is our pictures while we waited for Elmo....we were all sweating like pigs because it was SO hot!!!!!

Then came our turn - I had to hold both of them but they did do pretty good - no meltdowns so I consider it a success!! 

They did do high-fives and bye byes at the end - they talked about that  for the rest of the night!!!!

We did get some fans to try to keep us cool!!!

Of course the real treat was getting elephant ears - YUMMY!!!

Then it was kind of fun for Terry and I to see the boys run the halls of IUPUI that we had spent so many hours in years before when we were getting our degrees.  Never thought a few years ago when I was walking the halls taking classes that my kids would be there a few years later running around like crazy!!!

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