Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacation part 3...

Wednesday we went to Six Flags - we were hoping Thomas town would be open but it was not, we had fun with the few things they could ride...

They even got to ride a train by themselves!!! Mommy was freaking out a bit about this!!!!

Worn out after a long couple days!!!

Rylee decided Elmo needed some goldfish - he actually put them in his mouth and made him "chew"
Then a little milk to wash it down - i then had to brush elmo's teeth!!!

I guess Baylee needed to check his e-mail too...

Thursday we went to the zoo...

This was the way most of the exhibits went - Rylee was excited and enjoyed them and Baylee would look the other way!!!  He thought the animals were going to come get him!!!
Family picture!!!

They loved the elephants and pandas!!

Lunch time!!!

Then we got to see nature at its best.....a little nap....

Then a little sex!!!!
Then they both went back to napping!!!

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