Monday, June 21, 2010

Another week flies by...

The weather has been crazy the past week or so but at least we did get to see a rainbow!!!

Baylee didn't want to come in after seeing in rainbow...

Once the weather was nice again we were able to enjoy our water table!!!!

Rylee had it made - Baylee wanted to "drive" the wagon.  It only took him getting to the street to realize that was a lot of work so he got in the wagon too and let daddy pull!! 

Playing in the front yard - watching cars and playing in the rocks (which they called dog food!!!)

After they were done eating yogurt the other day they gave each other "facials" - needless to say bathtime followed soon there after!!!

Of course we still LOVE playing with our trains!!!!

Every once in a while we break to play with something else...

Then again sometimes we want a train so much we just jump in the box with the trains!!!

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