Friday, June 11, 2010

Back home update

Now that we are back home again in Indiana and all settled after vacation I thought I better get an update up here - thanks to the harrassment from my mother :-)

The boys helping daddy measure the deck - they are such good helpers!!!
Sleeping soundly back at home - of course on the floor!!!
Since we had some errands to run this week to stock the house back up from being gone we ended up eating out a few days this week - turns out Tuesday is "kids eat free" day at Penn Station - we were the only ones there at the time but my guess is by the end of the night they have since taken the sign down off the door to promote that special - here the boys are before the ran amock!! 
Wednesday we enjoyed the evening at home - playing and eating outside - it was such a beautiful night!!!

Rylee thought he would help clean up after dinner - never mind the fact that there wouldn't have been a mess if he hadn't thrown his plate on the ground....

They of course wanted to play with the hose once mommy was done with it....

Then time for more playing!!!

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