Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend update

Well besides the fish fry and our plans with the dad's today we didn't have a lot of plans for the weekend so we took some time to do some "spring cleaning" and organizing. This is what happens when you add two 17 month olds to the plan of cleaning up...
Not so bad right??? WRONG - this is what happened in the office!!!!!! OH MY!!!

We did manage to get it all cleaned up and now it looks much better!!

We met both sets of parents today for lunch to celebrate Father's Day - by the way HAPPY FIRST DADDY's DAY Terry! The boys of course had fun with the grandparents!!

Here is Baylee with Grandpa Greene...

Meanwhile, Rylee and Grandma Bodenreider were having a very intense moment with the straw and glass.

Then they switched off and the grandma's had to take care of the boys - like mommy and daddy never feed them or give them anything to drink!!

Grandpa had to have his fun too!!

The boys had lots of fun (and I think everyone else did too!!) and ended up taking a two hour nap when they got home!!

Then they had to play some more - that is the thing they are best at!!!

These are about the only shots I can get of Rylee anymore - he is ALWAYS on the move!!!!

Sometimes he does sit a spell to look outside...

Make no mistake - Baylee boy has his share of fun as well....

Hope everyone had a great weekend~we sure did!!!

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