Friday, June 26, 2009

CRAZY week

Sorry for no updates this week - it was a bit of a crazy week!! Baylee had surgery on Wednesday to get tubes in his ears and everything went great!! Hopefully he will feel all better now and not have to deal with that pressure in his head. We have already started seeing him talk and walk more even since Wednesday. We were able to get a few pictures this week to feed everyone's need for pics!!

Since everything went so well on Wednesday after I got off work I met my three boys at Costco - Baylee was quite proud of himself for climbing on the diaper box - Rylee of course was on the move and didn't have time to stop and smile for the camera.

The boys also enjoyed some fun time playing with each other today - it is so cute to see them wrestle and play peek a boo with each other!!

Sorry that is all the shots I got this week - we are hoping to go to the lake to see my parents tomorrow but right before we put the boys down tonight Baylee spiked a low grade fever so we will see how things are in the morning. I think it is his teeth because their second molar is starting to come through so hopefully he will be fine. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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