Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First full day here...

Since I was told I HAD to post pictures everyday I wanted to make sure I got in my post for today while my two of my three boys are taking a nap.
Here are the boys ready to go out for the day, needless to say it is a little chilly here still so we had to bundle them up before we left.

I actually paid money today to go to a butterfly garden - i know that some jaws are dropping as you read that - here are a couple shots from that fun filled experience!!!!

Baylee was "lucky" enough to have a butterfly land on him - probably ended up being a traumatic event for the butterfly though because before i could get to it Baylee grabbed it - however, when I made him let go the butterfly still hung out with us throughout the visit. One almost landed on my but I started freaking out and I think I scared it!

Then we stopped and had some lunch and got a picture taken.

The tulips are very much in bloom here right now and are VERY pretty!!!

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby???

Ok, maybe there is something cuter, his brother watching him sleep!!!

Wow - I have perfect timing, as soon as I finished uploading that picture I turned around and Ry-guy is awake so it is time to get ready for dinner, sorry daddy you are going to have to get up now too (in case there was any wondering which other boy was asleep!!!)

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