Monday, June 15, 2009

Better update....

Ok before I go to bed tonight I thought I better update because I know some people may be yelling at me before too long for not updating.

The boys generally play well together - here is a great example of that!!

They are both walking more and are up almost all the time - Rylee is doing better with walking than Baylee but I am sure that is because of the issue with his ears. Baylee is scheduled for surgery on the 24th.

We went to a family birthday get together on Sunday - the boys enjoyed helping unwrap and play with the tissue paper!!!

Even though we couldn't play outside today, we enjoyed playing with our water toys - minus the water!!

The boys really wanted to play outside today!!!

We did get to go to daddy's softball game tonight so that was fun!!

Rylee had a GREAT time with Aunt Kathy!!!

Baylee was just laid back, enjoying his ride in the wagon!!

Hope this gives everyone their "fix" of pictures!!

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