Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend update

We were pretty busy this weekend but here are some pictures of our fun times.

Rylee did great with his surgery on Thursday - here we are eating breakfast on Friday morning. They like their coco puffs!!

Once again, despite all of the toys they have they love playing in the kitchen with mommy's stuff. Here is a shot of them taking everything out of the tupperware drawer - Baylee REALLY wanted everything out of the drawer!!

Since it was so nice out this weekend I thought it would be fun to give the boys a first experience outside on their own and see what they did. Mind you that I didn't keep in mind that the mat would be hot since it is black and would absorb the heat - so as soon as Rylee touched it he started crying because it was hot - sorry buddy!!

I am posting this picture just to prove the point that i don't ALWAYS wear make-up - but I should - it is not a pretty picture!!

Here are the boys getting into the movies - I moved the bean bag so we could go outside so they were able to sneak by and pull out lots of movies...

We went shopping this weekend and Baylee was rather liking his front row seat - he was laid back enjoying the trip!!

Hope everyone has a great week - remember WASH YOUR HANDS (give me a break it is what I do for a living!)!!!!

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