Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy outing

Sorry mommy went out of town over the weekend with her girlfriends to "kidnap" a friend for her 40th birthday so there were no pictures taken of the boys this weekend. We did have a good time, but it is nice to be back with the family again.

Here is a shot I got last week before I left - Thursday I was getting things done before we left and Rylee was not in the room with me but he was being really quiet so I figured he was in the living room playing - WRONG!!!!

Baylee was keeping me entertained (or occupied) while Rylee was causing havoc in the bathroom! Now I know what he was really laughing about....and here I thought he was just happy to be playing with mom

I had to take a going away picture the morning I left while they were eating breakfast - they are at the "I am not going to smile" phase right now - aren't their little smirks just too cute!!

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Heather said...

I have a few pictures like your bathroom picture. I have learned when babies get quite it means TROUBLE. Now the babies have started laughing really loud when the other is doing something naughty. It is a great warning.

You are a lucky lady to get some Mommy alone time. Did your Husband handle the babies all weekend by himself?

Take care,

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