Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

Well Mother's Day is my official birthday this year and what a great birthday / mother's day I will have with my two beautiful presents!!! My parents came over today and took us out to dinner for my birthday and here are some pictures from the evening.

Here are the big boys sitting at the table all by themselves, with the help of high chairs of course.

We had a nice dinner and the boys both did really good eating and behaving. Then the birthday cake came....

As you can remember from the pasta picture Rylee has no problem with being dirty when it comes to enjoying food!!! He LOVED mommy's birthday cake!!!!

Then there is Baylee - who does not like to be dirty - notice he only has one crumb on the corner of his mouth.

We had a great time!!! Hope all the mother's out there have a great day Sunday!!

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