Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OH MY!!!!

Welcome to pasta night at the Tolliver's!!!!!
Rylee is like a whole new baby now that he has his tubes!! He is feeling much better, is babbling a lot more, took several steps tonight, and his appetite is HUGE - he ate almost a whole microwave container of Chef Boyardee tonight - as you can tell he quite enjoyed it!! I am not sure if he was wanting to share with me or if he was just saying GIVE ME MORE!!!!

Here was the end of the meal - as you can see things only got messier from above.

Baylee has another ear infection and so is not feeling real great - however, he doesn't like to be dirty so even if he was feeling great he probably would not have made near the mess that you see on his brother.

Hope you all had nice dinnertime this evening!!

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