Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The simple things.....

With all of the toys that the boys have, it really is the simple things that they choose to play with, which cracks me up. The favorite thing to do this weekend was to play with water bottles!!!

Baylee was a big help with the coupons on Sunday!!!

Rylee is SO excited for our trip to Disneyworld in October - he was already studying the Animal Kingdom map!!

I think the boys must have heard that "Stomp" is going to be in town soon and they are wanting to try out - we were having great fun this morning playing drums with pans!!!

Getting both boys to smile for the camera at the same time is next to impossible so this is a special picture indeed - and how can you not look at this picture and smile yourself!! They honestly just make me melt more and more each day!!!!

We have our 15 month check up today so that should be fun - I roped grandpa into coming with me since daddy couldn't get off work so that there is someone to hold each of the boys - especially for shots :-(

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