Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun at home!!!

YEAH - it is so nice to have both the boys feeling healthy!! here is a recap of some of the fun we have gotten into the last two days.

Yesterday (Friday), is my day off because i work 4 10 hour shifts during the week. So I try to take this day to catch up on some things. Well I also decided yesterday that I am going to rename my children. I know you have all gotten used to the names Baylee and Rylee but I have decided to change them to Tor and Nado - put them together and you have Tornado!! That is what every room they got into yesterday kind of looked like. I didn't get many pictures of that but you have seen some of them in the office before. I also have to do some re-arranging in the dining room and here is what they were doing while i was trying to get that much for baby proofing!!! In case you can't tell by the pictures they took the covers out of the outlets and were playing with them. Ok I know I probably should have stopped them and not took pictures but I just couldn't resist :-)

Then last night Baylee decided he didn't just want to play with the toy box and get toys out of it he would just become one with the toy box and hop on in!!!

Today is a really nice day so we decided to put together the wagon that grandma and grandpa had gotten us for Christmas. of course I could not do this task by myself I had to get some help!!!

After putting it together I had to put them in it to get their belts just right....

Then we had to go on a walk to give it a test drive....

We had plenty of energy for our walk because we had eaten lunch not too long ago. We had ravioli - Rylee especially liked it and Baylee liked to play with it on his tray more than he liked to eat it!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures because we have had a GREAT time this weekend!

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