Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend...not quite as expected

We were quite looking forward to the weekend of nice weather but our Baylee boy became a little under the weather on Friday so we didn't get to enjoy the outdoors very much afterall. Here are some shots from the weekend....inside

Baylee has started doing this Michael Jordan tounge thing....Rylee has been a very good eater this week - part of it is the angle of the camera i am sure but you can see that his cheeks are starting to really fill out - and that is the way most people could tell them apart!!!

We are still not big fans of wearing our socks - but they come in useful as fun toys to carry around!!
Despite not feeling good, Baylee was having a good time hanging out with daddy..
Are you talking to me?!?!?!

Here is Baylee giving me a fishy kiss ....

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Kuebler Family said...

Some of the cutest faces!