Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring will be here soon!!!!

This is what I keep telling myself over and over again - I am hopeful with spring and warmer temperatures we will have less colds and yucky feeling!! I also keep telling myself that it could be so much worse and that colds and yucky is very temporary!! Rylee has been up since 3:00 and just plain feels yucky. He caught whatever Baylee had so he is feeling about the same way he did a few days ago. Baylee is feeling much better and so I remain hopeful that Rylee will feel better in a few days. Here are some shots from yesterday - I had to stay home since Rylee had a fever.

Don't I just look pitiful?????

Despite not feeling good he did have some time yesterday when he was feeling ok and played for a little while - and of course there was time for snacks!!!

And time to watch the cars go by - this is still a favorite activity...

Both of them still love their electronics!!!

Apparently I decided to close the blinds a little early for Baylee last night - he still wanted to look outside even though it was dark....

And of course no matter how we feel there is always time to have fun with daddy - even if it is just laying our head down and snuggling while your brother thinks daddy is a mountain to climb...

Hope everyone has a nice Friday and a good weekend - seems like ours will be mostly indoors again this weekend - SPRING WILL BE HERE SOON!!!

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