Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost all better

For some reason i cannot move my pictures today so my posting is a little backward but I know some people are just looking for pictures anyway (you know who you are :-))

Who knew a book mark could be so much fun?????

Rylee seemed to want to go outside so bad on Sunday - he just laid at the back door for a while and looked outside. Hopefully we can go for a walk when mommy gets home from work tonight!!

Baylee just wanted his brother to feel better this weekend - he was ready to play and didn't understand why his favorite playmate was not interested.

Well everyone is on the mend at the Tolliver household. I would say Baylee is back to 100% and Rylee is about 75 - 80%. I am hopeful that this week of nice weather will help a lot!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend...

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